January 22,2018
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The Chamber of commerce is a non-profit organization governed by the special “law of the chambers of commerce,” founded in 1936. Included in its membership are the various economic sectors (tourism, trade, hospitality, contracting, industrial), and since its foundation it has sought to provide its members with services to facilitate their business. The Chamber of Commerce is considered a representative of the business sector in Jerusalem, providing information, services and training to its members, supporting and defending their interests, and helping them to open up new markets and develop their businesses.

The Chamber seeks not only to provide services to its members, but also to strengthen the bonds of relationship and belonging between the Chamber and its members, both commercial and industrial. It hopes to restore vitality to the economic and commercial life of the city (which is in the midst of a severe economic crisis caused by the current circumstances) and to reinvigorate the tourism that forms the backbone of the city.

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