President Message
January 22,2018
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  • In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

    From Jerusalem, the land of steadiness and resilience, from the holy Aqsa Mosque, where the Great Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) ascended, and from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, I salute all of you with my best and heartfelt regards and greetings to all the Palestinian people and our trade family of merchants, businessmen, craftsmen and industrialists.

    There is no doubt that the service of the Chamber and its members is a privilege and honor to us. Being the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jerusalem comes with a great responsibility, honesty and mandate to achieve the best of its member’s interests and objectives, all of this is achieved in cooperation with various jurisdictions.

    The summer of this year witnessed exceptional and difficult political and economic events, which had a negative impact and consequences on the economic and political activities of our merchants in general and the Old City of Jerusalem in particular. Despite all the circumstances, the Chamber of Commerce has continued to provide its services and support, as being the main and only representative for Jerusalemite merchants and trade sector.

    Last year, was a year full of great achievements and successes. Expanding the Chamber’s services and establishing “Business Development Unit- Support Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s)” was one of the greatest achievements which makes The Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Jerusalem, the first Chamber in Palestine that established this unit as a result of its hard work and meetings with specialized working bodies which serves both Palestinians and our trade family. 

    We are so grateful for your presence, support and cooperation which are the reasons we exist, as I believe that together we will raise the economic situation and steadiness of Jerusalem.

    In conclusion, may the year of 2018 bring you the greatest blessings, achievements, success and progress with more promises of prosperity of your businesses, achieve your aspirations, and build our economy with the reconstruction of our land.


    Ahmed Hashem Zoughair

    Chairman of the Arab Chamber of

    Commerce and Industry- Jerusalem

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